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Surface Support Technician - S.S.T

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Surface Support Technicians - S.S.T

Surface Support Technician (SST)

Course Description

This course is designed for supervisor, divers and lead tenders who would like more knowledge and training on Kirby Morgan “Surface Supplied Diving” equipment. The course will teach safe air manifold procedures, maintenance and Repair of the KMACS 5, Kirby Morgan Helmets & Masks, Dive Umbilicals and dive emergency.

  1. Monthly and yearly maintenance of air control systems.
  2. Construction of diving umbilical’s, installing hose fittings, and marking hose length.
  3. Making up communication splices.
  4. Installing safety snap shackles and safety lines on umbilicals.
  5. Hydro testing and load testing each fitting, and daily maintenance of umbilicals.
  6. Daily and monthly maintenance of diving masks, helmets and regulators.
  7. Air manifold emergencies and procedures.
  8. Tender and divers emergencies and procedures.
  9. U.S. Navy Rev 6 air decompression theory and tables, diving physics, air calculations, dive logs, JSA, and air consumption.
  10. Procedures on maintenance and repair on the diver’s bail-out system.
  11. Injured diver extraction from the water.
  12. Oxygen administration and divers Neurological exam.
  13. Light salvage and rigging.

Surface Support Technician (SST)

Course Topics

  • Purpose and duties of a surface support technician.
  • Air manifold operations and emergency procedures, maintenance and repairs.
  • Installing hose fittings, splicing communications wires, marking hose length and yearly pressure and pull testing on hoses and fittings.
  • Daily and monthly maintenance and proper regulator adjustment of helmet/mask.
  • Supervise the proper procedures for setting up dive station, testing equipment before dive, tending the diver from entering, during the dive and exiting the water.
  • Applying dive tables to the dive job, air consumption and monitoring the diver during the dive. Filling out dive logs, dive profile during dives and neurological assessment after the dive.
  • Marlinespike seamanship for topside and underwater rigging.
  • Extraction of an unconscious diver from the water.

Course Objective

  1. Demonstrate the safe use and operation of lightweight diving equipment.
  2. Supervising other technicians in setting up dive station and doing pre-dive checks.
  3. Demonstrate safe procedures for dressing the diver in his bail-out system and diving helmet/mask.
  4. Demonstrate tending the diver using the proper line pull signals, and respond to a diver loss of communication drill.
  5. Explain proper entering and exiting the water from a ladder and boat.
  6. As manifold operator, demonstrate the proper safety procedures for out of air and loss of communication situations.
  7. Correctly compute appropriate decompression profiles for various types of air dives.
  8. Demonstrate the capability to utilize the U.S. Navy dive tables to plan a dive and solve any emergency problems that might arise. Fill out dive logs for each dive.
  9. Operate and maintain all surface supplied diving apparatus, support equipment and life support equipment.
  10. Explain the different types of fittings used in diving.
  11. Explain how to make up an umbilical and waterproof connection for diving.
  12. (This is a hands on course)

Surface Support Technician (SST)


On completion of this course the students will receive a Certificate of Completion for 40 hours of training in Kirby Morgan Surface Supplied Diving Equipment. Air manifold operations, dive emergencies, loss of communications and manifold maintenance; Umbilical construction & testing procedures for making an umbilical, pressure testing and pull testing; Knowledge of diving helmets, masks; Working U.S. Navy tables from rev7. Knowledge of dive logs, JSA, air consumption and diving physics. Extraction of an unconscious diver from the water using an extraction bridle. Extraction and remove helmet and equipment from an unconscious diver. Providing oxygen and doing a field neurological assessment.

On completion of this course the student will receive a Operator/User Certificate of completion for Kirby Morgan dive systems standardized course of instruction in set-up, adjustment, and pre-dive function checks for Kirby Morgan’s Superlite series 17A/B, 27 Helmets, KM37, KM37 SS, and KM97 Helmet & KMB 18/28 band mask in accordance with the applicable operations and maintenance manual(s) and pre/post-dive checklist procedures (A2.2 2- A2.6).

DAN “Emergency Oxygen for Diving Injuries” Certificate and a Certificate from Kirby Morgan Pro Dive Center ” Operator/User course”.

Target Audience

This course is intended for Supervisor, Divers and Tenders. Who are skilled individuals who want a HANDS ON course working with the equipment used for surface supplied diving.

Course Duration

40 hours 5 – 8 hour days


A member of a dive rescue team, engineering group or scientific group


Minimum 6 students Maximum 12 students

A minimum of 6 students or the class will be canceled and your money refunded.


Book, Materials and Certificates included in cost.

Course Schedule

There are currently no course dates scheduled...See available courses HERE


If you have a dive team of 5 or more divers contact our training center and we will set up a private course at your convenience.

Kirby Morgan Pro Diving Center:

805 739-1909

[email protected]

Mike Von Alvensleben (Director of Training)