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Public Safety Diver - Surface Supplied Diving (NAUI Specialty Course)

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SSD Introductory Course

Surface Supplied Diving

Course Description

Public Safety Diver - Surface Supplied Diving (NAUI Specialty Course Presented by Kirby Morgan Pro Dive Center)

This course is designed for scuba divers and advanced dive rescue personal belonging to a dive rescue team as well as surface supplied dive team who has not used the equipment for some time. Our course will update your team in the operation and basic maintenance of Kirby Morgan air manifolds, masks/helmets, bail-out systems, as well as emergency procedures for all Kirby Morgan diving equipment.

Our course will also introduce you to the newest helmets, masks and dive equipment, and we can also help you in your selection of equipment for your specific jobs; it will improve your quality of training, reduce the risk of accidents and impart knowledge of the different types of diving equipment, safe operations procedures and emergency procedures used with Kirby Morgan “Surface Supplied” diving equipment.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate from Kirby Morgan Pro Dive Center for “Surface Supplied” diving, air manifold, masks/helmets, bail-out systems, dive emergencies and U.S. Navy dive tables. This training will parallel portions of the ANSI/ACDE-2011 Commercial Diver Training Minimum Standards. OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart T Commercial Diving Operations.

This is a wet course with a lot of bottom time.

Surface Supplied Diving

Course Topics

  • Introduction to advanced dive rescue “What is Surface Supplied Diving?”
  • Air manifold operations maintenance and emergency procedures.
  • Helmets and Masks operations maintenance and emergency procedures.
  • Entering and exiting the water Do’s & Don’ts’s from different objects, boat docks and aqueducts.
  • Pulmonary Barotrauma and Decompression Sickness, signs and symptoms.
  • U.S. Navy Air Decompression Tables, “RMV” Respiratory minute volume, dive logs.
  • Diver and equipment emergency procedures.
  • Underwater rigging, knot tying, and light salvage using air lift bags.
  • Extraction of an unconscious diver using a Miller “Easy Lift Harness”.
  • Diving calculations, Delta “P” in diving.

Course Objective

  1. Explain how surface supplied diving equipment and diving procedures work.
  2. Demonstrate the safe operation and emergency procedures when using the air manifold.
  3. Demonstrate the proper donning and removable of the helmets and masks. Show how to do the daily maintenance.
  4. Explain the proper procedures for setting up air manifold, umbilical and helmet or masks.
  5. Explain the proper techniques a diver uses when entering and exiting the water.
  6. Demonstrate correct use of the U.S. Navy tables, and how the RMV Respiratory minute volume works. Profiles various types of dives.
  7. Demonstrate the proper safety procedures for emergency out of air and loss of communication drills.
  8. Be able to operate and maintain all related surface supplied diving apparatus, support equipment and life support equipment.
  9. Explain the cause, prevention, and first aid for cold and heat problems related to diving, decompression sickness, air embolism and associated barotraumas.
  10. Demonstrate the underwater knots used in rigging and explain the physics related to light salvage.
  11. Extraction of an unconscious diver using the Miller “Easy Lift Harness” an extraction bridle.
  12. Explain how the Delta “P” can affect you while diving.
  13. Compare and contrast the diving regulations and procedures necessary for the safe performance of underwater operations using this type of diving equipment.

Surface Supplied Diving


NAUI Specialty Course Certificate in Public Safety Diver – “Surface Supplied Diving”

On completion of this course the students will receive a Certificate of Completion for 40 hours of training in “Surface Supplied” diving, Air Manifold operations, Helmet/Mask operations, Safety and basic maintenance procedures, Loss of Gas Emergencies, U. S. Navy dive tables, Respiratory minute volume, Knowledge of Diving Physics, Safe Operations and Emergency Procedures using surface supplied diving equipment from Kirby Morgan Pro Dive Center.

Target Audience:

This course is intended for Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Scientific divers and Engineer divers trained in scuba diving that are looking for knowledge and training in the use of Surface Supplied diving equipment with unlimited air supply and communications from the surface. It is also intended for dive teams that have not used their equipment in quite some time. You will have the opportunity to use the new helmets/masks and air control systems, and update on the new diving standards and safety.

Course Duration

40 hours - five 8 hour days


  • A member of a Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, Scientific an Engineer Divers.
  • Up to date diving physical.
  • Dive certification from a nationally recognized organization.


Minimum of 5 divers, Maximum 10 divers

If this course doesn’t meet the minimum number of students the class will be reschedule or canceled and your money refunded.

(If you have 5 or more divers we can set up a training class just for your group)


Book, Materials and KMPDC Certificate included in cost.

Course Schedule

There are currently no course dates scheduled...See available courses HERE


If you have a dive team of 5 or more divers contact our training center and we will set up a private course at your convenience.

Kirby Morgan Pro Diving Center:

805 739-1909

[email protected]

Mike Von Alvensleben (Director of Training)